Research & Academic International Collaboration
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Research & Academic International Collaboration


  • AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology), Vienna, Austria (Dr Kashif Ishaque) Dr Kashif Ishaque in collaboration with George Loss for the access to experimental facility of Photovoltaic system.


  • King Abdul Aziz University, Saudia (Dr Kashif Ishaque) Dr Kashif Ishaque in collaboration with Professor Maqbool Anwer to conduct research on “Maximum Power point tracking method using differential evolution for partially shaded photovoltaic system”


  • SouthWest Jiaotong University, China. ( Dr Tariq Jalees) Dr Tariq Jales is the contact person for two fully funded scholarships per year for our faculty and students.


  • DaMiVA group and GRAVITE, INRIA and University of Bordeaux. (Dr Faraz Zaidi) Team GRAVITE is one of the leading research teams in the world for research in the area of Visual Analytics. This collaboration is expected to help researchers from KIET to have the opportunity to work with the leading researchers in the world by travelling to Bordeaux, France.


  • (Dr Faraz Zaidi) CLIQUE is an emerging research group in the area of network analysis and graph mining at the University College Dublin, Ireland. Researchers working in these areas will have an opportunity to collaborate on different research projects with this research group.


  • (Dr Faraz Zaidi) Geography, University of Paris, France is the research department of University of Paris which collaborates with computer scientists to solve geographical problems such as migration, transportation, growth of cities and so on. Researchers working on this applied area of data mining will be encouraged to travel to Paris and collaborate with domain experts to work on real world problems.


  • M&N group, The University of Manchester, UK: (Dr M Mohiuddin in collaboration with Dr M Missous) This collaboration encompasses technical help in the physical device modeling and provision of measured data. The M&N will accommodate researchers from KIET for stay of varying length at the University of Manchester providing accessibility to their various research facilities.


  • School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia: (Dr M Mohiuddin in collaboration with Dr Anthony Holland) This collaboration entails provision of office and access to measurement facilities to the visiting scholars from KIET.


  • Institute of Microelectronics, University of Vienna, Austria: (Dr M Mohiuddin in collaboration with Dr Palankovoski) Technical help in the physical modeling and the use of MINIMOS-NT software will be provided and visiting scholars from KIET will be accommodated at the University of Vienna for research.