KIET Libraries
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KIET Libraries

Welcome to KIET Library. This is a multi-disciplinary learning space serving the faculty, students, researchers and staff of the university.




“Promoting and facilitating the research, scholarship, collaboration and self-directed lifelong learning”

In academic institutions, faculty and library play an equally important role in educating students. Libraries are instrumental in the development of both student and faculty.

The library users benefit from the availability of online access to journals in various Digital Libraries through PC terminals, internet access for research, vast collection of CDs and DVD’s on various subjects and large air-conditioned reading rooms having separate carrels for self-study.

The Library Information System allows, both students and faculty, online search for available library resources on various criteria and this system effectively manages the issue/receipt and acquisition of library items i.e. books and magazines.



Currently, the library houses a unique and diverse collection of more than 18,500 books. Separate libraries at the PAF Korangi Creek Campus (Main Campus), Shahrah-e-Faisal Campus (City Campus) and North Nazimabad Campus support this crucial role of faculty and student development. Within a short period of time, the Institute has built an impressive collection of books in Engineering, Business Management, Computer Sciences, Media & Arts, English, Mathematics, English and Urdu literature and other general books.


Sq.Ft Covered Area

KIET has well-established and organized air conditioned libraries having a covered area of 3981 sq.ft.

A separate, well furnished, decorated and spacious air-conditioned ‘Reading Room’ is also a part Main Campus library. It has a capacity of more than hundred students having separate carrels, which provide a congenial environment for self-study.







PC terminals are available for the students where they have online access to thousands of journals in Digital Library. Over 50 journals and magazines of international repute are available for research and reference along with several English and Urdu newspapers. The Institute subscribes to the digital libraries of IEEE, ACM & link to HEC subscribed libraries containing thousands of journals and magazines.





Main Campus


The Central Library of the Main campus plays a vital role in dissemination of knowledge, teaching, research and extension services. More than 10,140 books on diverse fields are available in the library. Besides Engineering Subjects considerable reading material on Business Management, Computer Sciences and Humanities (English, Mathematics, English and Urdu literature and Islamic studies) is available. National & international issues of scientific and technical serials on diverse fields are also available in the reference hall. Library books are computerized and library members search their required books through computer, available in the reference hall. At present library has a seating capacity more than 100 readers in circulation & reference halls.



The Library of city campus is providing its services in three shifts (morning, evening and weekends) to fulfill the requirement of students of all the shifts of city campus. City campus library also contains a vast collection of both course as well as general books. A number of more than 5,057 books are the part of this library. Besides, it has newspapers section, journal and magazine section and reference book section. This library also provides computerized assistance to the researchers.









North Campus


North campus, which had a comparatively small library, has now quite vast and well-developed library with an advance infrastructure. Just like main and city campus, it also has a good number of books relating to all the disciplines offered in the campus. Furthermore, it has a good number of general reading materials. A total of more than 3,300 books have made the part of this newly built library in a very shourt period of time. Just like main and city campus, this library also has multiple sections like newspapers section, journal and magazine section and reference book section. This library also provides computerized assistance to the researchers.



Borrowing Service


A set of three library cards is issued to all the students in their first semester so that they may avail the facility of library without any interruption.  Students visit the front desk and borrow their books. These books are issued for a period of 15 days. After 15 days students are either to return their issued books or to get it re-issued. A book may be issued two times in one semester.

Reference Service


As stated earlier, our libraries also have reference sections. Students are allowed to used reference books however, reference books are not issued. Only on spot reading is allowed for reference books.





Photocopy Service


Our libraries allow the students to have any books or reading material photocopied for their permanent use. It will not be called issuing a book. Rather, it will be borrowing for photocopy.






KIET uses Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to organize books. This system arranges books according to a book’s primary subject, and assigns each book a unique call number used to locate the book in the shelf.  This method of organizing makes it easier to find books that may fit into several majors or departments.

Total Collection



The libraries have a vast variety of books related to multiple disciplines like Engineering, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Media & Arts, Humanities and general literature.Following is the total number of books for each discipline:
Besides these books, a good number of reference books and final year projects are available in all the libraries, the number of which keeps increasing every semester.
A significant number of current reference sources are available on reference shelves. The collection also contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories and bibliographies. Furthermore, final year projects are also kept not only for institute’s record but also for the purpose of guidance of junior students.


Management Sciences


Media & Arts






Computer Sciences

The libraries of KIET have following publications in it:


The College of Management Sciences, KIET publishes a biannual journal entitled “MARKET FORCES” which deals with management, business and economic related topics. The first volume of this journal was published in 2005 and since then it is being regularly published successfully.


KIET knows the importance of magazines and journals for the students. Therefore, institute has subscribed a vast variety of international, national and local magazines and journals. These periodicals have annual subscription and their subscription is renewed every year. The periodicals relate to all the disciplines offered here in KIET.



Except core text, reference books and periodicals, KIET also facilitates its students by making all top read newspapers available for students. Not only urdu but English newspapers are also available in the libraries. A few of them are listed below:

    1. Daily Dawn
    2. Business Recorder
    3. Financial Daily
    4. Express Tribune
    5. Duniya News Karachi
    6. Express News Karachi


New Arrivals


KIET is well aware of the need of latest editions of core texts. Keeping this factor in mind, Institute has a “New Arrival” section in its all libraries. Institute is very much focused on the requirement of latest editions of all disciples are purchased every semester. Furthermore, latest general books (English and Urdu literature) are also purchased very often.  These new editions are first displayed in the ‘New Arrival’ sections for students’ instant attention.

Electronic Database


All the three Campuses has been access to a wide range of electronic resources e-databases (like EBSCO HOST & PERN) which includes e-journals and e-books accessible through internet, campus wide network and from the library terminals.

HEC Digital Library

KIET Digital Library


A very big collection of core texts, reference and general books is available in the form of KIET’s digital library. Those students who do not want to get any book issued or the ones who wish to use softcopy avail this facility of digital library. Books of all disciples are available in this library. Students and faculty can access through their LMS login IDs.

Click to Access 

Students are expected to observe the rules appended below while using library facilities, services, and resources to avoid any disciplinary action.

  • Leave personal belongings (bags, handbags, briefcases, binders, files etc) to the    designated    place at the library entrance.
  • Attending phone calls is strictly NOT ALLOWED. Please ensure that your cell phone is on silent mode.
  • Student must fill in a library membership application form in order to become a member.
  • Show library membership card when borrowing and returning books.
  • The membership card is not transferable and must be surrendered to the librarian at the end of the program and to get clearance.
  • Students can borrow three books at a time for 15 days.
  • Books can be re-issued only ONCE.
  • Pure reference books will not be issued. Similarly, Journals and reports will also not be issued.
  • Current price is to be paid by the library members for a lost/damaged library book.
  • Take care of your belongings (mobile, laptop etc) as library does not take any responsibility.
  • Food items are NOT ALLOWED in the library.
  • Silence must be observed all the times.
  • Holding meetings and group discussion is allowed only in study room.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from the library staff whenever you feel the need or have difficulty in using library services & facilities.

KIET Library Timings

Main Campus:


Monday to Friday                   
08:30 am till 03:40 pm

(Saturday, Sunday Off)


City Campus


City Campus (Morning):

Monday to Friday                    08:30 am till 09:00 pm

City Campus (Weekend):

Saturday                                      03:00 pm till 09:00 pm

Sunday                                         09:00 am till 03:00 pm


North Campus 


North Campus (Morning):

Monday to Thursday              08:30 am till 03:30 pm

(Friday Off)

North Campus (Evening):

Monday to Thursday              05:30 pm till 09:00 pm

(Friday Off)

North Campus (Weekend):

Saturday                                      08:30 am till 09:00 pm

Sunday                                         09:00 am till 06:00 pm


NOTE: All the libraries will remain closed on every Friday 01:00 till 02:15 for Namaz-e-Juma.

Main Campus:

Head Librarian:  Ms. Jawaher Aleem      

Assistant Librarian: Mr. Naveed Mehmood 

Ph: 021-35091114-7, 021-35092324-30
Ext: 222


City Campus:

Librarian: Ms. Tayyaba

Assistant Librarian: Mr. Naveed          

Ph: 021-34543280, 021-34546872,
021-34534209, 021-34532182
Ext: 134

North Nazimabad Campus:

Librarian: Ms. Uffaq Aslam    

Librarian: Ms. Attra Zumma  

Ph: 021-36628381, 021-36679314
Ext:  124

Queries and suggestions are welcomed at

Ms. Jawaher Aleem


Mr. Naveed Mehmood