Question & Answers
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Question & Answers

For Newly Accepted Students

  • What should I know about the course selection process for my first-year student?
  • There is an overview of academics for the first-year student, along with typical schedule and an explanation of our Basic and Divisional requirements.


  1. What are the requirements to be on the Dean’s List?
  2. The Dean’s List is issued after the end of the fall and spring semesters. It includes all full-time, degree-seeking students in the College who have a grade point average of 3.4 or better for a full-time course load in the semester and who have earned no grade below C during the semester.

  3. When are semester breaks and holidays?
  4. The academic calendar provides information on breaks and recesses. Before students or parents purchase tickets for plane travel around University holidays, students should consult their professors about their course schedule and exam times.

  5. What if I have questions about my child’s academic performance?
  6. If you should have questions or concerns about how your student is doing at KIET, contact the Office of Academics Advising at Main Campus-35091114-7, City Campus-34546872, 34532182,  North Campus-36628381, 36679314

  7. My student has received a very poor grade in a course. What options are available to him?
  8. The solution is repetition of courses: “A student may repeat at KIET a course for which he or she has received a grade of C- or lower. In this case, repeated grades received will be shown on the transcript, and the course may be counted only one time for credit.”
    One strategy for retaking a course previously failed is to consider doing so in one of KIET summer sessions. During summer sessions, a student can focus on just that one class, with presumably fewer distractions. Many students find summer sessions to be an ideal time to take courses they know will be difficult for them, because they can devote their full time to that class and will not have the same amount of extracurricular options as they would during spring or fall semester.

  9. Does KIET offer summer sessions, and what should we know about it?
  10. Yes, KIET offers a Summer Session. There are many different reasons that students might consider taking classes over the summer. In addition, it is possible for students to take some classes at approved colleges and universities closer to home.

  11. Who should I contact to notify of a family emergency that affects my student?
  12. To report a serious illness, family emergency or other matters that might affect your student’s wellbeing or academic progress, contact the Office of Academic Advising at Main Campus-35091114-7, City Campus-34546872, 34532182,  North Campus-36628381, 36679314

Career Development

  • How do students learn about career opportunities?
  • A major function of the Corporate Department is to guide students as they explore majors and careers, prepare resumes and interview strategies and search for internships and jobs. Final Year students or Enrolled Alumni’s are regularly informed about career and internship opportunities as well as the numerous educational and networking events held each semester.
    The student academic concerned latest jobs will also be posted on Website Job Opportunities page.